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Helping Families Restructure After Divorce

Since 1970, I have guided my clients through the legal process of restructuring their family during and after the divorce process. The parent-child relationship is crucial in a child's development and well-being. As a family law attorney, I help my clients draft comprehensive parenting plans that take many factors into account but place the best interests of the child first.

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Divorce is referred to as dissolution of marriage in Colorado. As your lawyer, I will do everything I can to come to a reasonable settlement of the marital property, property division, child custody, referred to as the parenting plan in Colorado, and support through negotiation with your spouse and his or her attorney. However, I am not afraid to go to court whenever it becomes necessary.

Child Custody

Colorado uses the term parenting plan with decision making and parenting time provisions instead of child custody and visitation. Rather than custody, each parent has parenting time, which is spelled out in the parenting plan. In addition, the parents may share or name one parent to make major decisions such as medical, school, and religion.

Continuity in Parenting Between Households

When parenting styles and expectations differ from one household to another, it can be hard for children to adjust. In particular, it can be hard on the children to go back and forth between two households where the day-to-day schedules are significantly different or the expectations placed by the parents on the children are significantly different. This page contains language I believe is beneficial to the children to include in every parenting plan.

Child Support

In Colorado, the amount of child support you pay or receive after divorce can depend on your parenting time arrangement.

Working With Families in Divorce

I represent women and men who are concerned about their children's future as well as women and men who have had their rights impugned or taken away by opposing parents.

Post-Divorce Decree Modifications

Child support and parenting time can be modified after divorce if there is a substantial change in your circumstances.

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