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Since 1970, clients have depended on me for their real estate needs. Whether you are buying or selling commercial real estate or buying or selling a residence, I can work with you. I can explain legal guidelines and help you protect your real estate investments.

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A home is one of your biggest investments. To help protect you when buying or selling your home or other Real Estate it is wise to have an attorney review the contracts before you sign them. It is also wise to have the title commitment reviewed. And to have the closing documents reviewed if you have any questions about them.


Real Estate Checklist for Buyers

Real Estate Checklist for Sellers

I have enforced a sales contract through litigation where the parties wrote the contract. It had the sales price and the address of the property. It would have been better and the litigation probably would have been avoided had the parties used the Colorado Real Estate Commission approved forms.

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Denver Landlord / Tenant Issues Attorney: Bert Evans

Colorado Security Deposit Law

Landlords and tenants can find themselves in a real bind if they are not aware of the security deposit law in Colorado. The law requires that, within 30 days of a lease's termination, unless the lease provides up to 60 days, the landlord either returns the security deposit or provides an itemized statement of the deductions. If the landlord does not provide the tenant with an itemized statement within the time frame, the landlord gives up his right to keep any amount of the security deposit. The security deposit law can become an expensive problem for the landlord who fails to comply with the notice and statement requirements within the 30 days, or 60 days if the lease provides. I have many times reviewed the requirements with clients who are landlords at the commencement of becoming a landlord and within days after a tenant vacates or the lease terminates.

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