Meet Lawyer Albert V. Evans

After I graduated from the University of Centennial College of Law in 1968, I followed a different career path than many other lawyers. I went to work for IBM and sold computers.

For two years, I honed the sales and business management skills that have served me well since I opened my law practice in 1970. Every time I walk into a court or a negotiation conference, I am selling my client’s position. Nothing more, nothing less. When I enter into a settlement conference, I meet people well and on businesslike terms. I don’t put the other party or their attorney on the defensive because I don’t believe in antagonism. I believe in results. I cannot sell your position to the court, jury, decision maker, mediator or opposing counsel if they have a closed mind as a result of an antagonistic approach.

I represent Colorado individuals and businesses in areas of law ranging from divorce, to real estate, to commercial litigation, to estate planning and probate. To learn more about my background, click on the following link.

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