Your David To The Other Side’s Goliath

I started the law firm of Albert V. Evans, Attorney at Law, in Centennial in 1970. While my practice has grown and flourished over the years, I continue to practice law as I started: as a solo practitioner who serves every client personally. When you come to my law firm with an important legal issue, I will be the lawyer who handles your case from beginning to end.

While I practice on my own, I often find myself opposed by much larger law firms in court.

Over the last five decades of practicing law, my clients and I have been opposed by teams of attorneys from both large and small law firms. These teams have put my clients and me to the test. In most cases my clients and I have been able to prevail on the significant issues. I cannot promise a specific result. Due to the nature of litigation results will vary. Mediation is always the first choice. Where mediation has resulted in settlement, the results achieved have been favorable to my clients. Where we have gone to trial in many cases the judge or jury has returned results favorable to my clients. I like being David to the other side’s Goliath. Early in my practice, I opposed counsel in their specialty or a larger firm or a team of attorneys. I have prevailed for my clients many times in these seemingly difficult situations.

Taking On Big Guns And New Issues

I’m not afraid to take on big guns and new issues. Another of the interesting cases I am pursuing now is a lawsuit against a home appraisal company for an inflated appraisal on a home. Improperly performed home appraisals can be one of the causes of a current financial crisis, such as a downturn in the market or a market bubble that has not burst. If the suit is successful, I hope to represent many more Colorado homebuyers in similar claims.

Over the years, I have helped to launch many new businesses and completed enough real estate transactions to fill a small subdivision. I have represented many, many clients both men and women, going through divorce and dealing with child custody disputes, in Colorado. These are parenting time issues.

I take every word of my mission statement to heart. When you come to my law office with a legal issue, you can count on me to represent you effectively as both a negotiator and an advocate. I do everything in my power to get positive results and keep my attorney fees reasonable. The only time when my fees are higher than I’d like is when the other side creates issues where in my opinion none need to exist — and I work very hard to keep the other side in line.

To me, the lawyer-client relationship is one based on trust and performance. Some of my clients have counted on me to ably represent their interests for more than four decades. Please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your case.


Attorney Albert Evans

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