“Over the past eight years you have provided excellent legal advice regarding situations ranging from real estate to a guardianship. I was always impressed with the quality of your services, as well as the care with which you prepared your billing. Compared with what could have happened without your advice, legal counsel has greatly enhanced my life and saved me money over the long run. I will continue to use your services in the future.”

B. M.
Centennial, Colorado

“I was a tough cookie to chew. I had already been kicked out of two lawyers offices and labeled a “bad client.” I was unhappy with the legal system and everything associated with it. But, as I look back my negative bias was based on ignorance. Ignorance of the roll the Courts and its officers (the lawyers) play in our society. Bert helped me understand how the court system works. This included how the individual lawyer should act for the benefit of their clients, how the client should listen, and how the judges should apply the letter of the law to the case at hand. Not all lawyers act in the best interests of their own clients. Bert did an outstanding job representing me and getting the best results that could have been expected based on my particular case.”

A. H.
Thornton, Colorado

“My wife and I have known and relied on Bert Evans’ services for nearly 30 years. Within that time frame we have owned several small businesses as well as purchasing and selling several pieces of real estate. Every time we have needed legal advise Bert has come through for us! His straight forward, honest, common sense approach has been a blessing.

In 1981, my family purchased a small cabin, from day one we were embroiled in legal disputes over land and many other issues. After years of fighting with other land holders we called upon Bert. Within ten minutes in court, he settled the matter in our favor. This is just one of the many times he has bent over backwards to help us. We fully recommend Bert to anyone who needs an outstanding member of his profession.”

R. B.
Greeley, Colorado

“Several years ago, when I realized that it was time to dissolve my marriage, I was told by many individuals to get the meanest lawyer I could find. When I contacted Bert he informed me that what I really needed was a “good” lawyer. Through a very long, drawn out, contentious divorce that is exactly what he has been and what he continues to be. He has advised and educated me on the laws and the processes that must be followed. The outcomes that have eventually been achieved have always been fair and sometimes more than fair, even though they may not always have been the outcome that I would have liked. He has been instrumental in helping to rebuild my self esteem and self confidence and has shown me that I am, in all respects, an intelligent and caring individual. Bert is an attorney that will work with you and for you, fairly and above board, to achieve the best results possible in any legal matter that you may need his assistance with.”

Broomfield, Colorado

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