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In Colorado, the estate planning and probate process does not have to be costly or time-consuming. Whether you are planning your estate or settling the financial affairs of a parent, my job as your lawyer is to help you reach your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Estate Planning Services In Centennial

Estate planning is about more than determining who should receive your property after you die. It’s also about protecting your family if you should become incapacitated. In addition to a will, the three most important documents to consider are the power of attorney for health and medical decisions, the power of attorney for financial decisions, and the living will.

For five decades, I have helped generations of Centennial families protect their property and their loved ones using estate planning documents such as:

  • Last will and testament — lets your family members and the probate court know how your assets should be distributed after you die. Wills can also be used to name a guardian for minor children.
  • Living will — lets your family members and medical providers know what steps, if any, you want taken to prolong your life if you are in a terminal condition with no hope of recovery.
  • Contract to make will — an agreement that protects members of second-marriage blended families in the event of one spouse’s death.
  • Medical durable power of attorney — names a trusted family member or personal representative to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to communicate your own wishes.
  • Financial power of attorney — names a trusted personal representative or family member to make financial decisions for you if you are incapacitated.

As your lawyer, I will assist you with the preparation of an estate plan that reflects your wishes, protects your assets and helps your family avoid complicated probate proceedings.

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