Continuity Of Parenting Between Households

Here are some of the issues that need to be resolved so that the children have continuity by the two parents in the two households. Conflict between the parents is harmful to the children. Remember they are your children and they have, and love, two parents.

  • Bedtime, school nights
  • Bedtime, non-school nights
  • Wake-up time school Mornings
  • Limitations on TV and video viewing
  • Personal Hygiene (tooth-brushing, bathing, shampoos)
  • Homework time
  • School preparation
  • Scheduling extracurricular activities
  • Driving
  • Curfew
  • Limitations on books and music

Create An Effective Parenting Plan Today

It is wise to agree that in each household the child shall have their own bed, pillow, toothbrush, soaps, stuffed animals, study space, special foods and anything else necessary for them to maintain continuity without bringing supplies back and forth.

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