Representing You As A Negotiator And An Advocate

When I go to court to represent a client in civil litigation, I am often complimented by the clerks and courthouse staff because I have a positive attitude that makes it easy for them to do their jobs. I don’t believe in antagonism. I am an attorney, not a baseball bat.

I am attorney Albert V. Evans, and since 1970, I have represented individuals and businesses in Centennial, Colorado, in a broad range of civil disputes, including:

  • Contract litigation — breach of contract, partnership disputes
  • Real estate litigation — failure to perform on a purchase agreement, failure to disclose property defects, easement and boundary line disputes, and inflated real estate appraisals
  • Probate litigation — will contests, removal of personal representatives and misuse of assets
  • Commercial disputes — business torts, trademark infringement, unfair competition and commercial leases

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

My goal as your attorney is to get to the heart of the issue as soon as possible. In civil litigation, the issue usually boils down to a dispute over money. I will do everything I can to settle your case if I believe that settlement is in your financial best interests. However, if the other side is unreasonable, I will represent you in the courtroom before a judge and jury.

When I am involved in civil litigation, I endeavor to get along with and work with the other side and their lawyer. If opposing counsel get along, they are able to communicate more effectively and reach a resolution at a reasonable cost that will make both sides feel comfortable. However, if the other side chooses not to be reasonable, that is their decision. If they start a fight, I resolve to finish it.

Find A Solution For Your Dispute Today

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