How dads can increase their chances of 50-50 child custody

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A few decades ago, mothers almost always got full child custody in a divorce. But today, a lot has changed, and fathers can also get equal child custody here in Colorado. 

The general rule used today is to award custody in the best interests of the child. Therefore, if you’re a divorcing father and you desire to be granted joint child custody, you need a child-focused strategy, especially if the child’s mother is also filing for custody. 

Ways to increase your chances of equal child custody in Colorado

Here are five strategies you can use in your effort to get custody:

  1. Speak with a family law attorney: Your attorney will give you sound legal advice on the steps you should take before, during, and after divorce to increase your odds of getting equal custody.
  2. Pay child support regularly and promptly: If you want equal child custody, ensure you’re current on your child support payments. Not keeping up with your payments may be interpreted as disinterest in raising your child. Remember to also keep a record of proof of payment.
  3. Don’t move out of the matrimonial home without your kids: If you aspire to be the primary parent, avoid moving out of the matrimonial home until the judge hears your case and orders one party to vacate. However, don’t hesitate to move if you have safety concerns.
  4. Attend important events: To get custody of your child, you have to show it by participating in important events. Ensure that you attend your child’s social, educational, and religious events. 
  5. Plan for your child’s needs: During the child custody hearing, the judge will want to know your plans for continuous care and support. Will your children have their own space? Do you have plans for their education? Be ready to articulate your plans for your child’s care.

A child custody battle can be difficult and frustrating, especially for fathers. If you cannot agree with the other parent, the best solution would be to find out more about your legal rights.