4 common causes of divorce

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It’s not a hidden fact that marriage comes with some difficulties. Couples frequently have to discuss and renegotiate their roles in their marriage. However, when these difficulties continue, it may put stress on a marriage.

You aren’t the only one who’s having difficulties in their marriage. Here’s why other marriages tend to fail:

1. Poor communication

Possibly the most frequent cause of marital issues, communication is key to marriage and if this is lacking, couples may find themselves drifting apart. Communication is often needed to ensure each spouse is on the same page, understands boundaries and doesn’t overstep their role. Otherwise, there may be arguments that can’t be resolved, leaving spouses to resent each other.

2. Money difficulties

In a marriage, couples typically have some kind of discussion about finances. Who’s making money? What’s the money spent on? Is there a savings account? When couples can’t agree on financial matters, it can feel like their marriage has stagnated, causing couples to reconsider their marriage.

3. Personal sacrifices

Marriage typically requires sacrifice. However, some people may feel they’re making more sacrifices than their spouse. When sacrifices aren’t reciprocated, spouses may feel bitterness and resentment. 

4. Unrealistic expectations

Some people go into a marriage expecting a traditional relationship to unfold – one spouse is the breadwinner, while the other stays at home. Many people today expect modern marriages where both couples work constantly. When couples aren’t on the same page, they may have unrealistic expectations of their marriage.

Prolonging a failing marriage may only negatively affect you. If you’re having difficulties in your marriage, you may need to know your options